Zyndio and ZynTravel versus Disrupt Worldwide and Disrupt Travel

Is there a new way to do travel mlm in the days ahead? It’s beginning to look like a new generation of mlm entrepreneurs leading us down an unfamiliar path. It seems strangely similar.

Zyndio and Disrupt Worldwide pose themselves as being larger than a travel mlm business opportunity and much more engaged in the full life experience of potential customers.

When you think of it, there are three things that stay at the forefront of most people. You have money, you have travel, and you have health. That’s what Zyndio and Disrupt Worldwide take into account.

Here’s a 7 figure earner that takes all three into account and provides a much easier, more enjoyable approach to getting them. You can’t believe how easy it is.

We have some similarities very quickly when comparing Disrupt Worldwide and Zyndio.

They both include:

  • begun in 2015
  • lifestyle mlm business opportunities
  • focus on wealth, health, and travel
  • leadership from defunct mlm businesses
  • bringing significant core participants from their former mlm experiences into the new
  • touting new models for mlm compensation

The travel aspect of each lifestyle triad is:

Each of these use third party travel aggregates who provide concierge attention, discounted rates, to thousands of resorts and vacation spots worldwide.

These are sold by affiliates through travel service portals, each affiliate sale accounted per affiliate code.

Leadership from previous multi-level marketing businesses:

Disrupt Travel has Jason Elrod as CEO. Mr. Elrod is the former president of WakeUp Now, (now in a permanent sleep).

Zyndio has Anthony Powell, coming from Vemma, stopped by FTC in America in August, 2015 amid significant concerns regarding pay from leads sold to downline recruits, also a tactic initiated at Herbalife and coincidentally, in a self-regulating move policed by Herbalife about the time that Mr. Powell moved to Vemma in 2013.

Compensation Similarities:

Although Disrupt Worldwide says there is no charge to become a Distributor (read that as affiliate), when it comes to the Travel offer:

  • Disrupt Travel requires a one time activation fee and a monthly subscription fee
  • ZynTravel requires a one time activation fee and a monthly subscription fee

Both claim they have provided a ground breaking compensation plan:

Compensation in both is much more attentive to recruitment than to sales of services alone. The extended explanations and complex commissions for recruitment dwarf the simplistic sales commission explanation.

Just one aspect of Disrupt compensation uses a Share Pool with 65% of the monthly total compensation providing a pro-rata portion based on productivity measured by personal sales volume and group sales value as affected by those whom the affiliate member has recruited. These shared are divided into three tiers with each tier having certain ranked affiliates participating.

Just one aspect of ZynTravel compensation uses a Global Bonus of all unclaimed (commissions not distributed due to unqualified affiliates) and awards 5% or 10% based on cycles completed by certain ranked affiliates.

The level of membership purchased by the affiliate impacts the level of commission and bonus received by that affiliate.

Dissimilar (for now) Products:

Disrupt sells:

  • Disrupt Money Bundle at $19.95 a month subscribes you to personal finance courses, tax management software, and wealth management.
  • Digital Health at $34.95 a month subscribes you to a “doc on call” and a “My eWellness” guide.
  • Disrupt Travel subscription with an activation fee and $54.95 month subscribes you to third party travel access.
  • Health and Wealth Bundle $129.95 a month gets all three of the subscriptions and a case of Thunder energy drink, our choice of flavor.
  • Disrupt Travel is bundled with four other offers:
    • Disrupt Essentials $79.95 a month subscribes you  to Disrupt Travel subscription and Disrupt Money Bundle.
    • International Essentials $79.95 a month subscribes you to Disrupt Travel and language learning online.
    • Eastern Health and Wealth $149.95 a month subscribes you to Disrupt Travel, learning a language and dermal stem cell restoration.
    • Western Health and Wealth $129.95 a month subscribes you to Disrupt Travel, language learning, and skin care.

Zyndio promotes the coming addition of add doctor-guided wellness and skincare, and an eventual wealth management product within a few months.

There Truly Is Something Far Better

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