Watch The End, Not The Trend – Write Your Own MLM Trending Review

Regardless of what might be trending in the multi-level marketing opportunities, if you’re going to be around for the end, you’ll need to watch the end, not the trend.

The E.N.D. means:

E – Does it energize me?
N – Does it fill a need?
D – Is it fully developed?

It is commonly reported from any niche or direct sell experience that ninety-seven to ninety-eight people who step into an mlm opportunity will fail. In order for the statement to be accurate someone needs to define what “fail” means.

Does “fail” means they lost money? Does it mean they lost friends? Does it mean they lost confidence? It can mean all three, or none of the three. The one that means the most to the most is the loss of self-confidence or the sense of personal failure.

The one relationship that means the most in any life is the relationship one has with one’s self (provided the relationship with the Creator is a given). How you see yourself, how you speak to yourself, how you protect yourself is more important than any other relationship you may have because you must be you to have a true relationship with any.

That being said, too many people unsure of themselves jump too quickly into a questionable mlm opportunity and the boat starts rocking from there. Obviously, these people choose first, then question their choice. The one to three percenters (those that make a go with mlm, unlike the other 97% who walk away) tend to question first, then make their choice.

What comes first for you…question or choice?

The E for the END watchers, asks the question, Does this offer energize ME? Is it right for me? If I’m going to ask others to not only buy, but also to turn to others and ask them to buy, would it energize me enough to buy it, and to sell it?

In most cases, if it energizes you, you probably enjoy it. That goes a long way to keep you in, but there must be more.

If it energizes you, you enjoy it, can you explain it? It’s got to make sense from start to finish to you. Why would anyone want the product or service? As I speak to people, will it make sense to them that I would use this product or service and that I would come across as believable when offering it? Can I explain the value and the effective use of it? Can I do so with conviction as a satisfied customer? What are the drawbacks and how are they overcome? What really sells this product or service to me? How can it sell itself if I get out of the way and the product or service do the work?

The N for END watchers includes the NEED that the product or service is expected to meet. Is the need really there among people I know? Who doesn’t have this need? How likely is it that those with the need want an answer for the need?

A doctor I know always finds a way in the course of examining a patient about a particular ailment to ask, do you want to be better? Do you want to be healed? (Some patients actually have to think about the question from time to time).

If it is a true fit for this product or service and the need others have, then it’s going to hold together a lot longer than if the purchase is just to do you a favor. Does it do what it’s suppose to do? Does it work? Will it work for others? Does it save money? Does it save time? Does it give you what others are paying more for? Is it something I would need and choose again and again? (Consumable?) Is it a frill or a must? Can I live without it?

The D for the END watchers makes me ask, Is it completely developed? Does it require other components to work? Will I have what I need to tell others (information); to train others; to close the gaps that always come up? (How can people afford it; offer it; collect a payment; deliver a product; handle the complaints; repeat the process; build the team; nurture the team; keep the team; succeed?)

Administration: Will they remain? Did they remain in the last venture they were part of? Do they have proven experience? Is it evident they know the product and the potential clients? Do they listen to those who do the front line work? Do they really want and provide for the sales force to succeed in this business? Is it organized in a way that encourages presentation of a viable and reliable product or service? Do they stand behind their product or service and do they stand with their front line, mid line and up line people?

Education: Is there a cost for the training? Are there additional and crucial training opportunities for which you must pay? What exactly will you be trained to do? What must you already know in order to succeed? What must you do all on your own? (nobody provides absolutely everything). Do you have the explanation of how the product or service was developed? Are you taught the use, application, demonstration, and how the need is fully met by the product or service? Are you given the tools to get the job done? What tools must you provide?

Nuts and Bolts as well as the Screwdriver and Wrenches?

The tools of the craft are always the way a craftsman is distinguished from others. A doctor’s stethoscope. A plumber’s pipe wrench. A teacher’s books. A preacher’s bible.

Do you have the marketing tools, the enlistment tools, the building blocks for your business success? Replicated websites or access to the goods? Brochures, emails, ezines, magazines, information sources to inform and demonstrate. Are there testimonials, youtube videos, made for you templates that can be customized to fit who you are, what your voice would be, and how to tell the story completely.

Process: What’s the process from start to restart? Are all the steps there from how I get the product, present the product, set the call to action, deliver the product, followup (upsell or satisfied customer into a salesperson), and keep the wheel revolving? Does each step make sense to me? Which steps are likely to be problematic for me? Which steps will be the easiest and which will be the more difficult? What must be done, if I have to leave something out?

Payment: How do I collect for the sale? How much do I earn from one sale? How do chargebacks or returns affect my pay? How many different ways can I get paid (direct sales, commissions, etc.)?

Compensation Structure: Is this a uni-level; binary; stair step; drop step; passup; hybrid model of compensation? How much do I earn from those I enlist? How much do they earn? How often do we get paid? By what means will we get paid? Are there bonuses? Are there rankings that must be realized to get certain bonuses or percentages of commission? Are there maximum earning limits by position, title, or controlled by prescribed pay periods or size of organization?

Watch The END, Not The Trend

These are what END watchers watch for in any mlm opportunity, regardless of the mlm trend. This is how you structure your own mlm trending review.