SISEL International Review

What Puts the Sizzle in SISEL International?


SISEL International Review

SISEL stands for Science, Innovation, Success, Energy, and Longevity.

These founding principles of the company have produced many different products and in several categories. We’re talking dental products, dietary supplements, hair products, laundry detergent, skin care products, weight loss, and liquid nutrition Eternity and the Triangle of Life.

Manufacturing their own products, SISEL International can pass significant benefits to the SISEL distributors, to the tune of a 30% to 40% greater commission than most other MLMs.

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Here’s a few things that seem really promising about SISEL

  • SISEL Live
    • Home Parties are throwbacks to a 20th Century style of in-home hosted events wherein a representative of mlm direct sales product lines would invite neighbors and friends to an evening of fellowship and finds. It was highly effective in its day.
    • SISEL Live seeks to recapture that synergistic product discovery and purchase opportunity at the convenience of the public.
    • Beauty and skin care party program
    • Fitness and weight loss party program
    • Nutraceuticals party program
  • Expanding product lines
    • Chemical-free, toxin-free, 100% organic composition
    • More than 320 products
    • Twelve categories (grand variety of personal care products)
    • 40+ countries and more territories opening
  • At pace training and updates
    • Free training teleconference calls Monday to Friday, 11:00 am ET
    • Calls are recorded and archived for convenience viewing of all distributors

The Company

SISEL International, LLC was founded in 2006, launched by Tom Sr. Mower and Tom Jr. Mower. The company is said to be debt free, having launched with over $150 million of Tom Sr.’s own money.


There is an interesting backstory to SISEL International, LLC. Thomas Mower and his wife Leslie D. Mower were the founders of “Images and Attitudes” in 1987 in Salem, Utah. This soon became Neways International in 1992. A quick study of their product line gives anyone a clue as to the consistent niche and interest still held by Neways and SISEL. Very similar indeed.

Troubling Times

There is a sordid, well documented history of the Mowers as they found their way through international arbitrage (cross enlistment of mlm distributors), tax fraud, false documents, IRS fines in excess of $130,000 and imprisonments, supervised releases, and the development of formulas holding questionable content dosages deemed harmful for consumption without medical supervision (diuretic furosemide marketed by Sanofi-Aventis under the brand name Lasix; used in race horses to prevent nose bleeds; banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency).

The most recent (2008) public embarrassment included three top distributors in Japan and their arbitrage efforts between SISEL and Neways, attempting to entice distributors from Neways into SISEL, stealing formulas, and informational papers.

Manufacturing and Distribution

The SISEL International manufacturing facility claims a 440,000 square foot nutraceutical plant with more than a dozen research scientists on staff. This makes SISEL products and commissions among the most lucrative positions in any mlm business.

Personal care products are so dependent upon pure and economical ingredients. SISEL has preserved the best position to manufacture high quality products at cost saving prices while placing the products for marketing and sales using a mlm direct selling model. That’s what makes SISEL so competitive in the mlm health care, nutrition, and personal grooming niches.

SISEL manufactures and distributes toxin-free, chemical-free, 100% organic products you use daily, but those in your home can not claim the safety and purity by which SISEL products lay claim.

SISEL Products

SISEL products are said to be up to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards with rigid design and production controls for the highest quality possible. They carefully state they are committed to the “evidence-based” nutraceutical components that are known to be of “scientifically-proven” biological value. They seek the highest concentrated dosage and form available and combine those with other compatible ingredients for the maximum benefits possible.

Seeking to avoid those ingredients that line the shelves of most over the counter drug stores, SISEL even packages their products in toxin-free containers (bottles, plastics, powders). The similarity between SISEL and their grandparent Neways, cannot be missed. A short list of products includes:

  • age reversal
  • aromatherapy
  • bath and body (toothpaste to nail care to hair products)
  • dental care
  • dietary supplement
  • home care (cleansers, wares)
  • joint care
  • nail care
  • skin care
  • weight loss
  • SISEL branded apparel and goods

Featured Product (among many)

TS-X  Three scientists won the 2009 Nobel Prize for work in Telomeres. These are located at the ends of chromosomes and are the fundamental repeats of nucleotides (which build DNA and preserve our genetic foundations). The degradation of telomeres brings on aging and the loss of genetic strength. These scientists contributed to the knowledge of anti-aging schemes and systemic management.

The SISEL product TS-X is a result of that Nobel Prize winning research and is said to effect positively the management of aging. TS-X is claimed as being among the most significant products produced in the early 21st Century.

How To Make Money With SISEL?

As a Preferred Customer

At no cost to you, you can click into the SISEL Website and SHOP NOW. The advantage is to receive a 20% rebate toward future purchases ($20 product gets you a $4 credit toward the next purchase). Though the default is a pre-select monthly autoshipment, you can deselect without any hassles.


At the SISEL website you can become a SISEL Brand partner as you choose Distributor and your country of residence.

To become a Distributor you simply select the products you desire to sell or to purchase for yourself. You’ll most likely preferred the autoship choice, understanding you can adjust the auto-shipment order as you care to do so.

Commercial Member:

Most likely you would not desire to become a commercial member. You basically can secure a company reseller account for specified products (not many).

SISEL Compensation Plan

SISEL says it pays the highest mlm home business payouts at a true 67% rate to its distributors. Unlike most mlms, SISEL passes up to the next qualified distributor what was not collected by any disqualified downline distributor. (In most cases, if a sponsor is not active at the time a downline distributor makes a sale, then “breakage” occurs and the company collects for itself the commission that would have gone to the inactive sponsor. Instead, SISEL looks for the next qualified upline distributor and awards them the undistributed commission.)

There has been a change in the compensation plan originally posted in April, 2012. The following seems to be consistent with the 2013 compensation plan.


The Distributor level determines the bonus awarded. Level 1 relates to the specific Distributor who personally enlists a new distributor or enrolls a preferred customer. A preferred customer is a retail customer who has enrolled in the auto-shipment feature.

Fast Start Bonus

  • A level 1 Distributor as the sponsor of a newly enlisted Distributor earns 30% and as the sponsor of a newly enrolled customer receives 30%.
  • A level 2 to 4 Distributor (upline distributors directly connected through enlistment chain) will receive a 5% commission related to the same occurrences.

Fast Start Retention Bonus

A newly enlisted Distributor’s second month order or a personally enrolled preferred customer second month order pays a 15% bonus to the sponsor.

Direct Distributor Commissions

This is where the unilevel plan really presents itself.

Unilevel MLM
Unilevel MLM

In a unilevel plan, each Distributor has a level 1 composed of every personally enlisted distributor. When Distributor Red personally enlists another distributor, no matter how early or how lately, each personally enlisted distributor is a Level 1 distributor to Distributor Red.

As a Level 1 distributor begins to personally enlist additional distributors, those become Level 2 distributors to Distributor Red.

Each level of distributors will create the next level of distributors as they personally enlist additional distributors.

SISEL pays out a commission each time a new distributor is enlisted at any level related to a distributor’s downline between Level 1 and Level 7.

That is to say, the sales volume is identified by personal volume (PV) attributed to the purchases made by the newly enlisted distributor or newly enrolled preferred member, and the percentage of commission is applied per Distributor level.

  • Bronze (50 PV) – Level 1 – 2.5%; Level 2 – 5%; Level 3 – 7.5%; Level 4 – 5%; Levels 5 to 6 – 2.5%
  • Silver (100 PV) – Level 1 – 3%; Level 2 – 8%; Level 3 – 13%; Level 4 – 8%; Levels 5 to 6 – 3%
  • Gold (150 PV) – Level 1 – 4%; Level 2 – 9%; Level 3 – 14%; Level 4 – 9%; Levels 5 to 6 – 4%
  • Platinum (200 PV) – Level 1 – 5%; Level 2 – 10%; Level 3 – 15%; Level 4 – 10%; Levels 5 to 6 – 5%;
  • Level 7 – 2% on Platinum commissions if the Distributor has a 250,000 downline volume

Master Check Match

The Master Check Match is paid out to the fourth level of enlistment on the Direct Distributor Commissions (above) to qualified Master Distributors.

If a Distributor generates 1000 PV in the distributor’s first four weeks or if the Distributor downline volume (DV) has a 1000 (DV) and an accumulative 5000 DV, then the Distributor qualifies as a Master.

Once qualified as a Master, the Master must maintain 200 PV a month to retain the Master status and be awarded the Master Check Match.

SISEL also calculates this Master Check Match by generations. A generation is marked as the members between one Master Distributor and the next Master Distributor in any one downline of enlistment. Each downline is established from the Level 1 distributor you enlisted and the downline is extended from that specific Level 1 distributor for each successive level enlisted.

For sake of illustration, let’s say Distributor Red enlisted Distributor Blue and Distributor Blue enlisted Distributor Green and Distributor Green enlisted Distributor Orange and Distributor Orange enlisted Distributor Purple.

  • One generation occurs when Distributor Red and Distributor Green are both Masters
  • Two generations occur when Distributor Red, Distributor Green and Distributor Orange are Masters

The Master Check Match pays out monthly at these Master star ranks:

  • 1 Star (7500 DV monthly) – 10% on the first generation
  • 2 Star (20,000 DV monthly) – 10% on the first generation and 5% on the second
  • 3 Star (50,000 DV monthly) – 10% on the first generation, 5% on the second and 3% on the third
  • 4 Star (100,000 DV monthly) – 10% on the first generation and 5% on the second and third
  • 5 Star (250,000 DV monthly) – 10% on the first generation and 5% on the second, third and fourth

Luxury Auto Bonus

Using the same Master star rankings above, SISEL provides a monthly bonus up to a maximum of $750.

In order to qualify for the Luxury Auto Bonus the Master Distributor must maintain a minimum commission of $2,000 monthly.

Achieving those two qualifications, SISEL pays a Luxury Auto Bonus of:

  • 2 Star – $300
  • 3 Star – $500
  • 4 Star – $600
  • 5 Star – $750

Marketing Tools

SISEL offers the following materials to assist in selling and in recruiting

  • Sales brochures
  • Replicated website
  • Auto responders
  • Contact Management system
  • Lead capture pages
  • Selection of a 5 video album (from dozens of video choices) for presentations

Concerns and Cautions

  • SISEL leadership has learned from some very daunting International MLM experiences. The products are practical. The current craze for youth from Baby Boomer affected markets, the focus on organic elements, and the interoperability of social media marketing all are favoring the current SISEL program.
  • The basic consumable product lends itself to recurring purchases.
  • The basic concept is to get purchasers on an autoshipment and keep them there for a fixed monthly recurring cost.
  • The simplified compensation plan coordinates purchases of the consumables with enlistment of customers and distributors.

All in all, it appears if you enjoy recruitment and you prefer contemporary consumables, this may be the mlm for you.


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