LIMU Review – Multi-level Marketing Opportunity

/>The Limu Company is a business for direct beverage sales of liquid nutrition (limu moui, a Tongan seaweed) benefiting health and fitness, weight management, and an opportunity toward financial independence.

The nutrients are believed to supply a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-viral benefit due to high levels of Fucoidan (a sulfated polysaccharide and complex carbohydrate). The products are said to contain seventy essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, glyconutrients, and polyphenols.
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The Limu Company launched in 2004 and based out of Lake Mary, Florida, USA.

The company claims to be a debt-free company and has now grown to have annual revenue of around $100 million and produces and distributes its products in over 24 countries around the world.

Limu Access

You can get access to Limu by Way of:


Gary J. Raser founder and owner (retired co-founder is Greg Bennett). Former owner of Dynamic Essentials that also marketed Royal Tongan Limu an almost identical product. This company was fined two million dollars by the FDA for false claims and shut down in 2003.

  • Lance Reese – Chief operating Officer (although Bloomberg Business lists Claude Chistolini)
  • Ryan Barson – Senior Vice President
  • Mary Baxley – Vice President, Finance
  • Justo Nunez – Vice President, Marketing

BBB status

The company holds an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, with just 2 closed complaints over the past three years. Online complaints seem to expose: poor tasting product, absence of intended benefits, and unclear commitments with/by promoters.

Primary focus

Limu caters to the young or young at heart, health-conscious individuals interested in a home based business.


Selling seaweed-based beverages for improved health (supports immune system, improved joint mobility, increased energy, softer skin, promotes healthy blood cholesterol), boost energy, and to help users lose weight while gaining a financial income stream.


The general public can purchase Limu products directly from the company or from a company Promoter. Individuals can earn commissions from the sale of Limu products by becoming a Limu Promoter and can enlist other promoters, earning a commission from their sales as well. Promoters are encouraged to attend large Limu events held once a quarter where cash, vacations and a chance to win a BMW are regularly offered.

Limu Products

  • Limu Original is the primary Limu product. A beverage containing extracts of apples, mangos, papayas, and pears.
    • BPA-Free recyclable PET plastic bottle
    • Contains 83% pure reconstituted Tongan Limu moui extract
    • Fucoiden-rich anti-inflammatory & anti-viral nutrients
    • Natural, 4 fruit blend (Yes, that’s mango inside you are tasting)
    • < 4 grams of naturally occurring fruit sugars per 2 oz. serving
    • No added sugar
    • No artificial flavors or sweeteners
    • No high-fructose corn syrup
    • No artificial colors
  • Blu Frog is a Fucoidan-enriched energy beverage without the takedown feeling
    • 4 oz. can
    • 2 oz. Fucoidan-rich LIMU ORIGINAL
    • 80 mg. of natural occurring caffeine
    • B vitamins & energy boosting ingredients
    • Low natural sugar content
    • No artificial flavors or colors, no artificial sweeteners
  • Blu Frog 2 provides 50% more energy than Blu Frog and with less sugar and calories.
    • 4 oz.
    • 2 oz. shot of Fucoidan-rich LIMU ORIGINAL
    • 120mg of natural caffeine
    • B vitamins & energy boosting ingredients
    • Super low natural sugar content – only 7 grams
    • No artificial flavors or colors, no artificial sweeteners
  • Limu Lean provides a diet control beverage with meal replacement protein-based shakes, appetite controllers, and digestive health cleanses.
    • Vanilla
    • Chocolate

Becoming A Limu Promoter

Similar to other MLM companies (Amway or HerbaLife) a purchase is required to sign-up as a Promoter. Your choice of which Promoter pack will set your price between $135 to $999. The more expensive (and comprehensive) your pack, the greater benefits you receive. The most expensive pack allows commissions earned at all levels.

Limu Cost

  • The suggested retail price for Limu Original is $50 a bottle.
  • Some distributors sell a 4 pack for $135 with new member packet, qualifying you as a seller.
  • BluFrog energy drink costs the Promoter $65 for a case of 24 cans
  • Limu Lean weight loss costs the Promoter $220 with a meal replacement shake ($47.50 per canister), appetite controller ($20) and digestive health cleanse ($20).

LIMU Home-Based Business Opportunity

Retail Sales (presumably)

Although a savings is mentioned regarding the purchasing of Limu products at wholesale rather than retail prices, it appears in every replicated site viewed that only wholesale prices are presented. Evidently the idea is that Promoters are to try to sell products at retail for a business profit.

Limu Compensation Plan

The Prosperity Plan is the Limu unilevel compensation plan.

LIMU Prosperity Plan

A Fast Start Pack ($499 or $999) is required to receive commissions. Both packs include Limu juice, shake mixes, product brochures and other marketing materials.

  • Members must enroll with a LIMU Fast Track Pack within their first 30 calendar days of joining the business.
  • Commissions are earned when a Promoter recruits independent promoters who are each siging up with either a $499 Fast Track Pack or a $999 Fast Track Pack.

The Fast Track Bonus is a generational bonus paid upline.

  • As a Limu Promoter at the 1,000 level: when you enlist a new promoter with a $499 Fast Track Pack you gain a $50 bonus.
  • As a Limu Promoter at the 5,000 level: when you enlist a new promoter with a $499 Fast Track Pack you gain a $100 bonus.
  • As a Limu Promoter at the 20,000 level: when you enlist a new promoter with a $499 Fast Track Pack you gain a $120 bonus.
  • As a Limu Promoter at the 50,000 level: when you enlist a new promoter with a $499 Fast Track Pack you gain a $140 bonus.
  • As a Limu Promoter at the 100,000 level: when you enlist a new promoter with a $499 Fast Track Pack you gain a $150 bonus.
  • As a Limu Promoter at the 200,000 level: when you enlist a new promoter with a $499 Fast Track Pack you gain a $160 bonus.

Second Generation Payout begins at 20,000: When your enlisted Promoters rise to the 20,000 level, and you are at the $20,000 to $200,000 level, you receive a Second Generation bonus of $10.

For the really curious, you can download the full LIMU Compensation Plan here.

  1. Commissions – enrolling customers and promoters, receive commissions to the 8th level of your downline
  2. 3 for free – Get a free autoship of products to your house by selling Limu products to 3 of your customers (These are assessed by point volume (PV) and vary as to product sold)
  3. Fast Track Bonus – $130 when you enlist a new promoter/representative (at the $499 Fast track bonus package level)
  4. VIP Bonus – $200 within the first month if you enroll 3 more promoters
  5. First Order Bonus – commission earned when those you enroll make their first order
  6. Limu BMW Club Bonus – Up to $600/month for BMW lease payments when you reach the $20,000 level.
  7. Level Bonus – varies according to the downline (new promoters who also enlist new promoters) enlistment you achieve
  8. Cash Bonus – the payouts vary according to the level achieved (100K level receives $10,000 bonus)
  9. Leader Development Bonus – begin earning 5% commissions at your 9th level of downline when a downline promoter reaches the 100K level)
  10. 100k Leaders Pool
  11. 500k Leaders Pool
  12. Life time cash bonus – Reach 500K and higher and receive a Lifetime bonus
  13. Reward Trips – awarded for reaching and sustaining a new level

Cautions and Concerns

  • Same CEO of a business heavily fined by FDA and was closed down.
  • Same type of product, Same city
  • Poor taste and unmet anticipated health benefits
  • No retail prices
  • Mandatory purchase of product and autoshipment
  • Focus of commissions is on recruiting, not retail sales
  • To qualify for commissions each month it is required order of 100PV or more each month through the AutoShip program, OR have personally sponsored at least three Customers who have placed orders of at least 300QV in the prior month.

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