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Paparazzi Accessories launched its website on November 3, 2010 and set its domain registration out there for 13 full years. They intend to be around for a while. Based in Hurricane, Utah, USA they can be reached at 36 N 1000 W, 84737 or (435) 635-1559.

It was really just a love for accessorizing that catapulted Misty Kirby and Chani Reeve (sisters) into a national network of Paparazzi consultants. The genius was to be trendy, stay trendy, have fun, and keep everything fabulously affordable at $5. (that’s the sweet spot for multiple purchases of the product).

Women love this stuff. It allows a risky look for a throw away (or re-gifting) price. Every age, every taste, every outfit, every style, can experiment with color, shape, and look without regretting both the choice and the price. We’re talking like 900% growth in the first six months of the salesforce, the production, and the bottom line.

Seizing the home based mlm business niche they centered specifically on women’s costume or fashion jewelry and accessories. Online parties, home parties, satisfied customer chatter on social media, text, phone, and websites are the multiple platforms by which self-styled consultants can use for selling this trendy merchandise.

Fabulous Fashion for Five Dollars (and there’s tons of Fun and Financial gain)

A great variety of types, styles, and budget-friendly prices help these pieces of jewelry and accessories move quickly. It will take your own viewing to satisfy your level of costume costs, for some it is cheap, flimsy, and easily broken; for others it is the acceptable level of a great purchase. What cannot be said is that there are not enough from which to choose and the focus is on the contemporary accessorizing opportunity.

All of their inventory is lead-free and nickel-free. There is a focus on one-of-a-kind by featuring original design and style. Staying in the run for the next fad, Paparazzi jewelry is always changing, so if you think it will be available in the next show, you may be sadly mistaken. If you see it, buy it, or you may not ever see it again.

All inventory is designed in the US, but manufactured in China. With a concern for fairness and a regard for the laborer, Paparazzi assures their customers the work environments are at elite standards and quality control is as highly prized as proper working conditions for the employees.

There is no static catalog (just an ever changing online catalog) or the possibility of being out of stock, because you purchase on the spot. The Paparazzi inventory is only available through a Paparazzi consultant. You may visit their replicated consultant website or attend a home party in your neighborhood, or an online Facebook party from the comfort of your computer screen, but attend you must if you want to purchase.

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