Zyndio and ZynTravel versus Disrupt Worldwide and Disrupt Travel

Is there a new way to do travel mlm in the days ahead? It’s beginning to look like a new generation of mlm entrepreneurs leading us down an unfamiliar path. It seems strangely similar.

Zyndio and Disrupt Worldwide pose themselves as being larger than a travel mlm business opportunity and much more engaged in the full life experience of potential customers.

When you think of it, there are three things that stay at the forefront of most people. You have money, you have travel, and you have health. That’s what Zyndio and Disrupt Worldwide take into account.

Here’s a 7 figure earner that takes all three into account and provides a much easier, more enjoyable approach to getting them. You can’t believe how easy it is.

We have some similarities very quickly when comparing Disrupt Worldwide and Zyndio.

They both include:

  • begun in 2015
  • lifestyle mlm business opportunities
  • focus on wealth, health, and travel
  • leadership from defunct mlm businesses
  • bringing significant core participants from their former mlm experiences into the new
  • touting new models for mlm compensation

The travel aspect of each lifestyle triad is:

Each of these use third party travel aggregates who provide concierge attention, discounted rates, to thousands of resorts and vacation spots worldwide.

These are sold by affiliates through travel service portals, each affiliate sale accounted per affiliate code. Continue reading “Zyndio and ZynTravel versus Disrupt Worldwide and Disrupt Travel”

Watch The End, Not The Trend – Write Your Own MLM Trending Review

Regardless of what might be trending in the multi-level marketing opportunities, if you’re going to be around for the end, you’ll need to watch the end, not the trend.

The E.N.D. means:

E – Does it energize me?
N – Does it fill a need?
D – Is it fully developed?

It is commonly reported from any niche or direct sell experience that ninety-seven to ninety-eight people who step into an mlm opportunity will fail. In order for the statement to be accurate someone needs to define what “fail” means.

Does “fail” means they lost money? Does it mean they lost friends? Does it mean they lost confidence? It can mean all three, or none of the three. The one that means the most to the most is the loss of self-confidence or the sense of personal failure.

The one relationship that means the most in any life is the relationship one has with one’s self (provided the relationship with the Creator is a given). How you see yourself, how you speak to yourself, how you protect yourself is more important than any other relationship you may have because you must be you to have a true relationship with any.

That being said, too many people unsure of themselves jump too quickly into a questionable mlm opportunity and the boat starts rocking from there. Obviously, these people choose first, then question their choice. The one to three percenters (those that make a go with mlm, unlike the other 97% who walk away) tend to question first, then make their choice.

What comes first for you…question or choice?

The E for the END watchers, asks the question, Does this offer energize ME? Is it right for me? If I’m going to ask others to not only buy, but also to turn to others and ask them to buy, would it energize me enough to buy it, and to sell it?

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