LIMU Review – Multi-level Marketing Opportunity

/>The Limu Company is a business for direct beverage sales of liquid nutrition (limu moui, a Tongan seaweed) benefiting health and fitness, weight management, and an opportunity toward financial independence.

The nutrients are believed to supply a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-viral benefit due to high levels of Fucoidan (a sulfated polysaccharide and complex carbohydrate). The products are said to contain seventy essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, glyconutrients, and polyphenols.
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The Limu Company launched in 2004 and based out of Lake Mary, Florida, USA.

The company claims to be a debt-free company and has now grown to have annual revenue of around $100 million and produces and distributes its products in over 24 countries around the world.

Limu Access

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Gary J. Raser founder and owner (retired co-founder is Greg Bennett). Former owner of Dynamic Essentials that also marketed Royal Tongan Limu an almost identical product. This company was fined two million dollars by the FDA for false claims and shut down in 2003.

  • Lance Reese – Chief operating Officer (although Bloomberg Business lists Claude Chistolini)
  • Ryan Barson – Senior Vice President
  • Mary Baxley – Vice President, Finance
  • Justo Nunez – Vice President, Marketing

BBB status

The company holds an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, with just 2 closed complaints over the past three years. Online complaints seem to expose: poor tasting product, absence of intended benefits, and unclear commitments with/by promoters.

Primary focus

Limu caters to the young or young at heart, health-conscious individuals interested in a home based business. Continue reading “LIMU Review – Multi-level Marketing Opportunity”