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Kitsy Lane is an online jewelry store making it possible for anyone to create a personal “e-boutique” for 25% commissions. With prior approval a personalized line of jewelry can be added as desired.

As it is, Kitsy Lane offers big name and lesser known anklets, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, hair accessories, and many more jewelry-related merchandise.

The whole concept is to take the energy of a home party trunk show and harness it to a social networking salesforce of home based, online e-boutique owners.


Andy Fox is the founder and Chief Executive Officer. Former Vice President of Product Management at Novell, Mr. Fox has been involved in mobile startups and some voice processing companies.


Boston, Massachusetts, USA.  July, 2012

The Better Business Bureau:

The BBB provides Kitsy Lane with a B+ rank.

Common competitors:

Lia Sophia, Origami Owl, or Avon Jewelry.

The “Kit” in Kitsy Lane

  • Free Affiliate Status:
    • No need for preapproval or to provide essential billing information, this completely no-cost sign-up can instantaneously turn you into a boutique owner (what Kitsy Lane calls its affiliates) and have your jewelry boutique up and running without delay. Just provide a name for your jewelry boutique, complete a simple sign-in form and you’re in in the jewelry business.
  • Storefront:
    • In short, Kitsy Lane provides an affiliate page (e-boutique) under your personalized web address (always In a very intuitive style you create your own web space with a welcome message, your own logo, choice of color, texture, and background. In a few quick clicks you select items for sale, which ones you care to feature on your home page, which you will flash sale, and all the other basic shop owner decisions.
  • Inventory:
    • There are 700+ costume jewelry related pieces, most from $40 to $90 in price.
  • Marketing:
    • Next comes marketing with Kitsy Lane resources for Facebook, Twitter, and most popular social marketing platforms. E-coupons are a snap and helpful suggestions of sales messages, even exclusive webinars, are at your fingertips from the moment you open for business.
  • Payment/Shipping: No problems, all handled by Kitsy Lane online processing. You can sell today!
  • Customer support: Again, it’s a Kitsy Lane problem, not yours.
  • Compensation:
    • Compensation from two sources:
      • Personal Volume: Direct sale of retail products
      • Team Volume: Indirect sale of retail products downline by those you recruit

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