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JSYK (just so you know) I’m not in any way an affiliate to Ava Anderson Non Toxic direct sales company. My desire is to offer the essential introduction of this opportunity without a biased promotion. I’ve got an interest in an entirely different, much more easy, more lucrative business, if you’re interested.

Back Story (very interesting)

What could a young female at age 15 know that could become a multi-million dollar business before she graduates from college? (she’s an undergraduate at the moment in Babson College, Wellesley, Massachusetts).

How could the concerns for personal and community health cause you to participate in such a social-oriented business enterprise?

The need for income or at least a part time income for part time hours? (If that’s the case, then I would encourage you to listen to this right now and read no further…there’s a better way to get income a lot easier than direct sales).

This remarkable leader of Ava Anderson Non Toxic is none other than Ava Anderson herself. She began at the age of 15 growing more and more concerned for what was in her home cabinets and shelves. He simple personal-care and home-cleaning products that had been used all of her young life. The chemical listings on the packaging could hardly be pronounced, let alone understood. When she began to understand, she grew even more concerned. She launched into the development of her own chemical free, toxin free substitutes for common, everyday products in everybody’s home cabinets and shelves. That’s the humble, but impressive beginnings of Ava Anderson non toxic product lines for hair, skin, and body.

Founded in 2009, Ava Anderson Non-Toxic has become a thriving direct sales company developing and marketing personal care items minus the damaging toxic contents. Ava Anderson vows to not sell out to the big box household names. She will remain available to the home based promoter seeking to make their own environment toxin free and sharing it with family, neighbors, and friends to do the same and make a little income while doing so.

The basic message by Ava Anderson Non-Toxic is to pay attention to what you put on and put in your body. Review the toxicity and chemical damage these ingredients introduce to you and your family. Once educated, change your purchasing habits and instead replace your every day consumables with more healthy and non-toxic products from an Ava Anderson Non-Toxic consultant.

Home party plan consultants distribute these products manufactured in the United States to their home territories and internationally.

Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Products

  • avaBABY ~ personal care products for infants and toddlers
  • avaKIDS ~ personal care products for children
  • avaBODY ~ personal care products for developing bodies of teens and adults
  • avaBUGS ~ products to send those pests away
  • avaCANDLE ~ pleasant aroma and lingering scents for hours upon hours
  • avaFACE ~ cosmetics and makeup
  • avaGIFTS ~ special gifts and gift wraps
  • avaHAIR ~ personal hair care products
  • avaHOME ~ cleansers and everyday products for the home or office
  • avaMEN ~ personal care products for men
  • avaPET ~ personal care products for dogs and cats
  • avaSCENT ~ fragrances with natural ingredients
  • avaSKIN ~ skin care creams and moisturizers
  • avaSUN~ sun protection without chemicals and prevention for UV effects

A detailed product line and information is available AvaAndersonNonToxic.com Continue reading “Ava Anderson Non Toxic Review”